Sadly the kid will find out what a liar, cheat & thief you are. When the truth on the FFCB documents come out you can cry to her that “Vince got your fired”, NO, “Katie got Katie fired” for doing shitty & shady stuff at a bank. You see banks don’t really like people to falsify paperwork, no matter your lies that you use as an excuse. The kid will start to put all the pieces of this puzzle together and soon, you will have no job, no child (that already lives with her father) nothing. You did all this so Heather would be your friend…and your jealousy of the kid and my relationship. I guess listening to Heather for all these months really fucked the both of you.

Katie left on the 24th, we spoke nicely to each other (videos), we emailed & texted very cordially for a few days. Approximately the 27th something changed, she no longer spoke to me, she no longer texted or emailed, she became evil. What happened to change? What became of the “we will work together” up until the 27th that “flipped that switch” for her to be so evil? To say those vile things, to do turn on me? This is the only answer I want & deserve. I did nothing on my end to change anything, I was nice. I left a nice note in the car when I put the plate on, with ALL the keys, owners manual & even the log in to the Acura website. However you say “he might of put a GPS tracker… how about he was a nice guy and did all that other stuff and also left me a note about turning down the headlights so the battery would not go dead… OH YEA, I left a note in the car saying that if there were DRUGS, specifically Xanax, Norco & weed that they were mine and they should contact me so you didn’t get in trouble if something was under a seat or something. Such an asshole I am, trying to look out for you even as you leave. I guess I should have let you drive to work with the FUCK TRUMP sticker on the Acura. That’s the reason you didn’t want to drive the van to Carrollton… the Biden stickers & Fuck Trump. It is a shame when you have no spine or nothing you can really stand up for, “love is love” unless you’re in Carroll county, oh year wear orange for gun violence. I’m sure they’ll have a “Juneteenth” day cookout in Carrollton & Holmes county too. When you stand up for nothing you will believe anything and that is why you are in the situation you are in. You gave up your daughter for them!

I have all these videos clipped together (3 cameras) and will be so glad when I can show them to the kid so that she can see for herself how I was the good person. I didn’t lie, I didn’t want things to go bad, I wanted things to go well. I never raised my voice, never said a bad word, wanted to remain friends (really wanted to work things out), wanted the kid to benefit from many things. Heather lied, cheated & manipulated and Katie went along with all of it. The kid got caught in the middle of her mother’s desire to compete with her daughter for my affection and trying to live a childhood that she didn’t have through her daughter. Katie was homeschooled, grew up in a cult & never really had any friends so that is why she was so obsessed with the kid having “friends”. Funny Katie was on the “swim team” but how can that happen? Also she didn’t graduate from school, she got a GED (now she’s “training” people with college degrees LOL) Katie lives in a fantasy world of her own making & she wants to be the kid and have the kid’s life.

Not sure how it works with other “fathers” but when Mom starts wearing daughters clothes… creepy, kind of turns a guy off sexually due to the fact that the kid keeps popping into my brain when she shouldn’t. Why can’t women understand that? When men say don’t wear your daughters clothes, it’s not because they don’t fit or sort of look nice but… it’s sick as fuck when one day we see our 16 year old daughters butt in a pair of pants but then the next day 36 year old wife wants to fuck with the same pants on? NO NO NO It is not a competition, she’s a cute 16 year old, you’re a 36 year old woman, the love for both is not the same, why can’t women understand that?

I loved this woman and her daughter with every fiber of my being. I never wanted to hurt or have anything bad ever happen to either of them, that was my job. I did my job every day, tirelessly without fail, they had everything…including my love, devotion and fealty. I did not quit my job, they both quit on me, just sayin’.

I found another video today when I said “please play nice” her reply “I don’t have to play nice, I AM nice” Hmmm, that didn’t work out so well… I’ll clip the video & post it also going to post the video of me “YELLING” and swearing at Heather, never raised my voice, never said a bad word… but she swore to that on a court document, good Christian woman she is